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My Schedule

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Love my shopping

Lovely sharing*

Concealer palette * 50% discount IVE student

Orange colour lip stifck from ORBIS

love forever friend soo much! >3<

Liz Lisa long dress*

Mickey mouse one piece*

Outter <3

New Update:  I had my hair cut and style, also my nail done too!
I brought alot make up, lashes etc.
Photos upload next blog.
So hot these day!!!>_<
Pls give a comment if you like this blog =]

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hey Guys' I'm back!

Flyin' to HK...
Good News! I found my photo memory card...Happy me>_<

Brought a magazine to read when I can't sleep XD

Received the Jewerich eyelashes >3<
Will try on No.1 on thursday.
And also simples of only minerals!!! PopTeen models buy it too!

Also one piece from JB girl!
Totally fall in love with it when I saw it on ViVi mag

Love these hair care coz is Pink! HaHa
More pic will be update soon!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Re-design the lashes

Last week, I was borringgg.  So end up cuting my lashes to transform other looking.

I used these lashes I brought long time ago from SASA.

So, I thought add extra layer would look nicer...  
MAC Lashes and the SASA lashes.

I'm then cut 4 pairs from lashes...2layers each
These are for the side of your eyelid.
Sooo random.

Guys, I'll be leaving in the next 3 days.  I'm not exciting about it.
But I made a big list of things I'm going to get!
I shocked myself when I read back...

But anyway,  I will try my best to update my trip!
Specially places and food.. Yum,Yum <3
Also reviews of some make up's and photos of my list of products 

I love false lashes
I'm going to buy Eyemazing, Dimond lash, melleish and also taiwan brand

Just now, I only listen to JPOP...
I often check for updates what albums out soon etc.
I was looking at magazines and saw a cover.
So, I went on youtube
I really like the song!!!!
But I think most of the JPOP are my favourite.
90% of song in my ipod are JPOP <3
I'm too crazy

Recently, I'm watching a new JP drama call "Moon Lover"
Casting: Kimura Takuya, Matsuda Shouta  and Keiko Kitagawa.
So far so good...

And I also have a movie by Sasaki Nozomi
I'm planning to watch it on my way to HK.
I desprately what to watch it since the movie is producing.
Hahaha....Willl rate the movie soon!

Sooo, check for my updates!